New Orleans Elopement at Race & Religious

Rachel + Hector’s New Orleans Elopement at Race & Religious was supposed to take place in March. Obviously, the world completely changed in March, so they postponed til September. They traveled here from Washington state just in time to see a hurricane (thanks a lot, Sally!) barrel toward New Orleans their exact second wedding date.

Fortunately, their vendor team is used to rolling with the punches (I’ll never forget moving Afton + John’s wedding day up a day for a hurricane in 2018, or the time Pop of Love planned a wedding in a week!) and we were able to move the entire elopement up a day. After a call from Logan at Pop of Love, I literally packed my camera bag, had a snack, and got on the road to Race & Religious!

We ended up doing the ceremony at 12pm, which meant we were a bit warm but the harsh light made this courtyard even more of a tropical paradise.

Logan hard at work getting the veil right before walking down the aisle! Rachel wore her mom’s veil that her mom wore at her parents wedding 36 years ago!

Love how lush this part of the courtyard is – I’ve always dreamed of a ceremony right by the pool, and this was the first time I actually saw it done!

Michele Zeller is one of my favorite officiants.

Ended the ceremony with a high-five! 

Hector reaching for some hand sanitizer on their way out is possibly the most “2020” thing I’ve seen at a wedding yet!

Doris Ione came through with an absolutely gorgeous bouquet on such short notice!

Congratulations, Rachel + Hector!

Y’all did it!

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