Race & Religious New Orleans Elopement

Gloria + Mike roadtripped to New Orleans for their Race & Religious elopement after reuniting after months apart. Mike is a strongman and was traveling with a fair (check him out here, it’s so cool!) and Gloria was holding down the fort in their home country of Canada. While he had a week break, she flew into Austin and they roadtripped across the southeast with one very important stop – their elopement in New Orleans.

They literally put their outfits together in just a few days (this was a true spontaneous elopement!) and I was so impressed with how fabulous they both looked!

Ranna from Let’s Elope New Orleans did the most amazing job with the ceremony (as always).

Gloria and Mike have written each other letters their whole relationship, and these vows were the sweetest extension of that.

Are you crying yet? I was.

Officially married!

Race & Religious is one of my absolute favorite venues for elopements – there are so many unique spots for portraits around the property.

Gloria and Mike took advantage of New Orleans’ open container laws (not a thing in Canada, or most places in the US for that matter!) and we toasted with champagne in front of Race & Religious!

After exploring the property, we took a walk around the Garden District – so many fun colors and lush trees.

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