Trinity Chapel Elopement | Nathan + Hannah

Nathan + Hannah’s elopement at the Trinity Chapel in Dayton, Tennessee was absolutely gorgeous – and not at all the plan! Nathan + Hannah met in Santa Fe, and planned to get married there July 31st. Just two weeks before then, the restrictions New Mexico put in place for COVID-19 meant that their wedding was completely impossible – so with just days to go, they shifted their plans, moved the wedding to Nathan’s hometown of Dayton, Tennessee (where we met – more on that later!), and Hannah packed up all of her possessions to move from New Mexico to Tennessee! Talk about a WHIRLWIND.

Nathan + Hannah had breakfast the day of their wedding, which I thought was the sweetest idea, so I invited myself along! (Just kidding… kind of!) We met up an hour before their breakfast to take some pictures around Chattanooga, a city I lived right outside of for four years and have photographed countless weddings in. There’s always so much nostalgia whenever I visit, and I loved getting to know Hannah (I already knew Nathan from college!) during our time that morning.

Typically, the more formal photos are easy to take of any couple – it’s getting them to goof off and play around that takes expertise! Nathan and Hannah were totally the opposite and ALL smiles – and why shouldn’t they be, it was LITERALLY their wedding day!

After our morning session, we went our separate ways for a while and met up again at the chapel in the afternoon. This was also a special part of the day – my dear friends John + Lindsey bought this chapel and renovated it so I’ve visited several times, but never photographed a wedding there! Fortunately they were available for Nathan + Hannah’s quick wedding switch!

Only one of Hannah’s bridesmaids could make the wedding, so she spent some time FaceTiming in her bridesmaids and close friends!

Nathan and I were true pals in college, and it was so special to not just be at his wedding but photograph it.

Hannah’s engagement ring has been in Nathan’s family for generations, and her wedding band was a sweet gift from a jewelry maker in Santa Fe.

Pretty sure hand sanitizer is THE wedding favor trend of 2020… and maybe 2021! Ha!


It was raining throughout the day, but you’d never know it from these images. Trinity Chapel had so many wonderful vignettes for couples portraits!

Of COURSE their golden retrievers had to make an appearance! Fun fact, the younger one is the granddaughter of Jade, the older one! Keeping it all in the family.

Nathan’s very capable sister-in-law Hannah (fun fact, I met her when I was 15!) handled all the details of the wedding in literally a 48 hour span – and she nailed it.

Nathan is the youngest son and the last to get married – loved this sweet moment with his mom Gale!

Obviously with COVID, their guest count was much less than they originally anticipated – about 30 people. There was something very sweet about the people who were there being absolutely the closest people to Nathan + Hannah.

Nathan’s dad made all the beer and wine! It was truly delicious (yes, I had a little bit!).

Congratulations Nathan + Hannah! I’m so glad you’re married and I’m so glad Nathan didn’t break his ankle when he tumbled down the stairs during your exit. Ha!

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  1. Evan says:

    Thanks so much for helping capture the sweet memories of a wonderful day!

  2. Gale says:

    Sarah, your pictures are marvelous! I love the black and white of Nathan stumbling down the stairs, so playful and fun! Gorgeous shots of Hannah and the ones with the dogs are so sweet!

  3. Margaret Sterr says:

    Very, very special!
    The pictures captured the wedding beautifully for the many of us who were not able to be there personally.
    The shots taken showed so much of their personalities —thank you Sarah

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