New Orleans Food Photography | Luncheon

Food photography is always fun (especially in New Orleans), and photography Luncheon was no exception. For someone whose default meal is a bowl of cereal, photographing Luncheon yet again was a nearly spiritual experience. Heavily influenced by their respective time in Europe, they weave their inspiration in with local ingredients and traditions (they are both New Orleans natives) and the end result is truly delicious.

Camille started us off with ricotta filled pasta – I took some home for lunch, it was too good to leave!

We used a bright corner of Colleen’s kitchen for all these images – it was all we needed to create such colorful and dynamic photos.

Baking, but make it feminism.

It’s inspiring to see how different businesses are handling this pandemic. Colleen + Camille immediately pivoted to providing meals for unemployed service workers and doing brunch popups around the city. They were a new business at the start of this whole thing, and they’re still growing so much despite all the challenges – these ladies are getting it done, in the most beautiful and photogenic way possible.

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