New Orleans City Park Peristyle Wedding

Sarah and Franklin chose to have their New Orleans wedding at the City Park Peristyle, a gorgeous architectural space right in the middle of City Park. I love this venue for its soaring columns, gorgeous reflective light, and location right by the water (okay and its proximity to Cafe du Monde’s beignets also can’t be beat).

I met Franklin first and got him all set up for a first look! We didn’t have a lot of time (chairs were arriving any minute), but we don’t need a lot of time when the light is so gorgeous and the venue so stunning.

Isn’t this gorgeous?! Honestly, I can’t believe it’s right in the middle of the city. I feel like this could be in Europe.

Just a few steps from the Peristyle is a gorgeous oak alley with Spanish moss galore. We took some gorgeous portraits here as well!

We then crossed over to the Botanical Garden side to take family photos tucked out of sight of the ceremony while guests arrived. It worked out perfectly!

These ducks hung out and watched the whole ceremony!

Time to make it official!

I feel like we paid the sun to be a main character at this wedding. This is what happens when you choose your ceremony time based on sunset time! Gorgeous golden images throughout the ceremony.

Whew! They did it! Time to second line to Ralph’s on the Park!

I love a City Park ceremony followed by a Ralph’s dinner because it’s a) so delicious and b) SO close to City Park! Literally right next door, a very doable second line.

Everyone danced and sang before we shimmied into Ralph’s on the Park for dinner (and more dancing!).

Can you tell Sarah and Franklin were a VERY fun couple?

Had to bring out the LED glow sticks for the exit!

Congratulations Sarah and Franklin! Thank you so much for having me!

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