Tree of Life Elopement in Rainy New Orleans

When I pulled up to the Tree of Life for Johnny + Natalie’s New Orleans elopement on a rainy day, I was shocked – I had never seen it this flooded! Passersby were taking off their shoes, rolling up their pants, and wading in – nearly to their knees! I wasn’t sure how Johnny and Natalie would react when they arrived, but they were game to kick of their wedding shoes and go for it – and I’m so glad.

Normally this is the “putting the shoe on” shot, but in this case, Natalie was taking it off!

Making our way to the tree!

Even Ranna from Let’s Elope New Orleans got in on the barefoot action.

So breathtaking!

Johnny and Natalie shared that as they looked at the weather forecast, they thought of Prince and how when threatened with rain for his Super Bowl show, he merely responded “let it rain harder!” These images with the flooded tree are so magical and something we never could’ve planned for – I’m so glad it “rained harder”!

After the ceremony, we played in the water a bit.

I love working with Ranna, she is the absolute best.

After more tree and water frolicking, we explored a bit more of Audubon Park before heading to the French Quarter.

The colorful backdrops were perfect for Natalie’s vintage mid-1800s engagement ring!

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