New Orleans Race & Religious Elopement

Elise and Jordan got married on their eighth anniversary and flew in all the way from DC for their New Orleans elopement at Race & Religious! Elise and Jordan hired the inclusive elopement company I co-founded, Pop of Love, to handle all the details of this beautiful and intimate day.

Race & Religious is one of our favorite venues, and once you see the photos you’ll know why. As guests were arriving that classic New Orleans afternoon rain decided to make an appearance at the wedding too! The guests enjoyed music and champagne (and shelter!) as we repeatedly checked the radar to see if we’d be able to pull off Elise’s dream courtyard wedding.

The bride sat patiently and calmly, and said she was just so excited to get married the weather didn’t even bother her! (Ah, can you say dream bride?!) Although it rained throughout the day, Pop of Love was thrilled to be able to pull off their outdoor courtyard ceremony! I love how the ceremony was so sunny but also a little dewey from the rain.

Elise + Jordan did their first look at the end of the aisle and then walked up to the officiant Michele together – a symbol of starting their new life together. (I had never seen this before and I absolutely loved it! What a special moment!)

After the ceremony, Elise + Jordan added time with me, so we had nearly an hour to explore the French Quarter and take portraits together. These are some of my absolute favorite photos! I love when couples take extra time during their day for portraits together – they are truly among the most meaningful photos you’ll ever have.

After our portrait session, we ended the day with dinner at the beautiful Napoleon House – this is such a quintessential French Quarter restaurant!

And you can’t get more “New Orleans” than this balcony!

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