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Anna Kat + Justus got married on Saturday surrounded by friends and family. Luke + I have known Justus since we all began our freshman year , and our lives have intertwined and been lived together ever since. We were so thankful to be there and I was thrilled to photograph the festivities. I’ll be sharing their wedding images soon, but in the meantime I thought I’d share Anna Kat’s bridals. Anna Kat is a fantastic mix of timeless and trendy, and I loved her absolutely breathtakingly elegant wedding dress paired with a more wild bouquet and a heart necklace given to her by her father when she was young. I had a wonderful time creating these portraits for Anna Kat last month and I’m thrilled to share them.
1_sarahbeckerphoto_akbridals-SBP_96802 - AK3_sarahbeckerphoto_akbridals-SBP_98764 - AK5_sarahbeckerphoto_akbridals-SBP_99456 - AK7_sarahbeckerphoto_akbridals-SBP_99668 - AK9_sarahbeckerphoto_akbridals-SBP_00209b - AK11_sarahbeckerphoto_akbridals-SBP_018112 - AK13_sarahbeckerphoto_akbridals-SBP_025314 - AK15_sarahbeckerphoto_akbridals-SBP_033116 - AK17_sarahbeckerphoto_akbridals-SBP_039218 - AK19_sarahbeckerphoto_akbridals-SBP_044520 - AK21_sarahbeckerphoto_akbridals-SBP_056722 - AK

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