New Orleans Sunset Audubon Park Engagement Photos

Justus + Anna Kat came down to New Orleans from Tennessee for these sunset Audubon Park engagement photos! I met Justus my first week of college and since then he has always been a big part of my life. Justus was my best friend’s boyfriend’s best friend (did you get that? gotta love college), and for two glorious “Dayton summers” we ate at least one meal a week all together. Justus and I have not always gotten along (is that okay to say on the internet?!) but my relationship with him has taught me more about myself (good things and bad things) than most of my relationships.

When Justus + Anna Kat began dating a couple years ago, I knew Anna Kat from living on the same hall together but didn’t know her super well. Anna Kat completely pursued a friendship with me and I am so thankful that she took on not just Justus, but all of his friends as well. She is such a good example of that and one I wish I could live up to! Their relationship has truly been a “family affair” in our group of college friends – I remember having many discussions about their relationship before it was even official! Sorry guys! When we all graduated and began moving away, getting married, etc., I hoped and prayed that someday, whenever it was right, Justus would propose to Anna Kat and they would be together forever and ever. (And I was totally prepared to call Justus and tell him he was being an idiot if it went on too long.)

Well, last month it happened! And just last week they came down with a few other friends of ours to visit and take their engagement photos in New Orleans. I am honestly so happy for them (can you tell?!) and really honored to be shooting their Alabama wedding in April. I am going to cry like a baby the whole time!

So many thanks to Beckham’s Bookshop for letting us photograph in your beautiful store! It was the perfect backdrop for Justus + Anna Kat and the light was amazing.

Then we raced the sun to Audubon Park for some beautiful sunset photographs and I’m smitten by them!

PS – check out another Audubon Park engagement photo session!
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