Tree of Life New Orleans Winter Elopement

Maude and Chris showed up for their New Orleans Tree of Life elopement this winter looking absolutely stunning. They’ve been together nearly twenty years (!!) and have three girls together. They decided it was time to make it all official, so flew down to New Orleans to make that a reality.

Michele from Decor on a Dime officiated the sweet ceremony.

Maude and Chris had the most touching vows for each other – Chris wrote his in incredible poem form!

They kissed a few times before their “official first kiss” – with elopements, there are no rules! After the ceremony wrapped up, we took advantage of the beautiful golden light for portraits around the park.

The Tree (and Maude and Chris) are stunning in color and black and white – it’s hard to choose a favorite.

After the Tree, we went to the old fountain by the oak alley – one of my favorite tucked away spots.

Thank you so much for inviting me to be a part of celebrating this perfect day, Maude and Chris!

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