New Orleans Parkview Hotel Elopement

This Parkview Hotel elopement in New Orleans wasn’t Eric + Saliha’s Plan A… or Plan B… it was their Plan C! Originally planning a 2021 wedding, work brought them to New Orleans for a week in October and that gave them an idea. What if they just eloped now?! After sharing their idea with their closest family and friends, everyone was on board to make the trip to celebrate Eric + Saliha’s marriage!

They planned a ceremony at the Tree of Life and then… the rain came. Not a little tropical drizzle, but a huge unrelenting thunderstorm. When I showed up about thirty minutes before the ceremony time, we weren’t sure what we were going to do!

Saliha’s matron of honor also happens to be a makeup expert – how convenient!

The neighbors next door so graciously offered up their porch for portraits (guys, you can’t tell, but it was pouring rain!).

It was finally time for Eric + Saliha to see each other as groom + bride, rain or shine!

After realizing there was no way we could do the Tree of Life without getting absolutely soaked, Eric’s parents called their hotel (the Parkview Historic Hotel) and they graciously allowed us to come use their foyer for the ceremony.

Eric + Saliha’s good friend drove all the way from Memphis to officiate their wedding.

Eric + Saliha were close friends for two years before they expressed feelings for each other and once they did, it was a whirlwind romance – their vows reflected that!

They did it! Not at all how they envisioned, but still absolutely beautiful and the perfect way to begin their marriage.

Their sweet family and friends gave toasts after the ceremony, and the Parkview was so generous and brought out some surprise champagne!

Congratulations on your New Orleans elopement, Eric + Saliha!

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