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These branding photos for Counterspace Bakery photographed in my New Orleans studio are my most delicious photos to date! Sarah Joy even left some cookies with me – I ate them for dinner, it was very dangerous. Counterspace is based in Baton Rouge and is one of my favorite stops anytime I’m up there. Their funfetti cake is my absolute favorite!

Sarah Joy needed some branding photos for her website, social media, and advertising – so she literally packed up two tubs of ingredients, cookies, and merchandise and brought it down to New Orleans for the morning. We made my studio her bakery! It’s amazing the difference a collection of gorgeous images can make when you’re trying to show what you do – and when your products are this good looking, it’s easy to knock that out in just a couple hours!

Sarah Joy’s king cake pop tarts basically went viral this carnival season and let me tell you – they are worth the hype.

She brought sprinkles she uses (and sells in the store!) and also all her favorite cookbooks.

I loved getting these in progress shots of Sarah Joy actually icing a cake – she does so much of her business on her own, and I wanted to make sure the images reflected that.

Everything looks (and is) delicious, Sarah Joy!

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