Ashley Manor Baton Rouge Wedding

I don’t even know where to start with David + Emily and their Ashley Manor wedding in Baton Rouge! I have known them since I was barely in high school (they were even younger) and our families have been close for nearly fifteen years (!!!).

Their love story spans years and years – they met when Emily was ten! Emily has loved David for a very long time, and they became “official” a few years ago. They’ve been long distance as David has been pursuing graduate school, and I’m so happy for them that they’ll be together now!

Selfishly, I absolutely loved being at this wedding – my mom was there, all of her best friends, and people that have been in my life for so long. Thank you for bringing us all together, David + Emily! Love you both and love your love!

Our family friend Sheila Govan prepared all the floral arrangements in the living room as her daughter Kathryn did the bride’s makeup! They are a dream team!

Loved these sweet moments getting dressed at the venue! The lighting wasn’t great, but it doesn’t look so bad in black and white.

Then we got to go outside – and it was delicious! How beautiful is this couple!

After portraits, it was ceremony time!

I loved all these expressions during their ceremony – I was photographing and also crying at the same time!

They’re married!

Emily changed into the cutest receptions dress – a smart move, since she and David are both huge dancers and were on the dance floor the entire night!

PS – enjoyed this Ashley Manor wedding and want to see another Baton Rouge fete? Check one out here!

  1. Missy Reid says:

    I don’t even know how to not L O V E all of these!!!
    Sarah, you are the best! Thank you Thank you Thank you

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