Audubon Park Fountain Elopement

Ashley and Matthew chose to have their Audubon Park elopement at the Hyams Fountain, one of my favorite tucked-away corners of New Orleans. Barely visible from Magazine Street, Hyams Fountain used to be a swimming hole for the local kids (now, it’s more the local dogs that take advantage of it!).

Ashley and Matthew own a restaurant together in Utah, and in true foodie fashion arrived in New Orleans early so they could eat and eat and eat. In just a few days they hit up all my top choices! Impressive.

They shared the sweetest private vows!

The gorgeous Ranna from Let’s Elope New Orleans officiated the ceremony.

Officially married! And what about that sunlight though?!

Ashley and Matthew were super flexible on what time they got married, which allowed us to choose the most delicious golden hour – I can’t believe how beautiful all the shots turned out!

The whole fountain in all its glory! (That’s the Audubon Zoo behind us.)

Congratulations Ashley and Matthew! Thank you so much for having me. I can’t wait to stop in at your restaurant when I make it to Utah!

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