Baton Rouge Lake House Wedding

Kat and Bassam hosted their wedding at the Lake House in Baton Rouge! Now I don’t travel to Baton Rouge to photograph weddings that often (even though it’s truly not that far!), but Kat and I were in high school together (I also photographed her sister’s wedding a few years ago!) and I was NOT gonna miss this!

We started the day with Kat and Bassam’s first look. I can’t get over how perfect Kat’s makeup was (our mutual friend Stephanie did it!) and how insane the flowers are (her sister Emily did them!). So much love went into this look, and it shows!

Just the absolute sweetest!

Bassam is Lebanese, and told me this crown is a Lebanese tradition (or maybe he just wanted to wear a crown? just kidding!).

The ceremony took place right as the sun set, which gave everything and everyone this warm ethereal glow. So beautiful!

Married! Woohoo!

You never know what groups are going to be dancers during the reception or not – but Kat and Bassam’s friends and family honestly took me by surprise by how MUCH they danced! I’ll be honest, sometimes photographing a reception for several hours can get a little repetitive and you have to get creative to decide what to shoot. Not this reception! People were constantly switching it up!

Congratulations Kat and Bassam! I’m seriously SO happy and honored I got to be your wedding photographer!

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