Tree of Life Second Line Elopement

Matt and Jennifer had a sunset elopement at the Tree of Life, followed by a celebratory second line in the French Quarter.

We snuck around the tree for a private first look right before the ceremony – that tells you how big the tree is, ha!

Matt and Jennifer had one of their best friends officiate – which is always so special!

The iconic Tree of Life is a cherished place for intimate elopements or grand weddings alike in New Orleans City Park. This majestic live oak towers over 90 feet tall and spreads nearly 120 feet wide. The Tree of Life draws couples in with its connection to the natural world and history, making it a significant ceremony backdrop. Standing under its ancient branches or encircling the tree together symbolizes joining two lives into one and committing to continued growth as a couple – a perfect representation of marriage. Whether it’s just the two of you exchanging vows or a ceremony for a hundred guests, the Tree of Life provides a meaningful, picturesque setting.

It’s always a good idea to change your shoes before the second line!

After a quick dinner break, it was second line time! The newlyweds led their raucous second line parade down Bourbon Street and around the square.

The wedding party and guests followed the brass band as they danced and waved handkerchiefs in true New Orleans fashion. Out on the balconies, tourists cheered and threw beads while the procession danced by.

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