New Orleans Proposal

I love photographing proposals here in New Orleans – it’s such a romantic place to begin your engagement! JP reached out to me the week before his and Lea’s trip to New Orleans, and we were able to scheme and plan all the details without Lea getting suspicious!

My first glimpse of JP + Lea! I always make sure to get a few photos of the couple sent to me before a proposal so I know exactly who I am looking for.

Just a few moments later, it was time!

She said yes!

They met in their home country of Bolivia after Lea got stuck there visiting family (from her now-home of Manhattan) due to COVID one year ago. Lea figured, why not go on a couple dates while I’m here? JP was the very first person she matched with and turns out, their grandparents are close friends, Lea knew his brother back in New York, and they went to the very same high school. When she could travel back to New York, JP sold his company in Bolivia and went with her.

Here’s to finding love in unlikely times, and to JP and Lea!

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