New Orleans Branding Strategist Photos | Logan Doerries

Branding strategist Logan Doerries is a New Orleans local dedicated to building a creative community of women – I loved taking these photos of her! Not only does Logan own her branding strategy business, she is also the CEO of School of Styling. We shared an office last year and were able to take these photos for her new adventure before we packed it up!

Logan had her baby boy Shep last year!

Logan is constantly brainstorming for her own work and for her clients, so I wanted to make sure we got that “on film”! We had her style her workspace and show off the books and magazines that keep her inspired.

Looks pretty good doesn’t it?!

Logan is a total pen-and-paper girl – she always has a physical to-do list! I knew we had to capture that part about her for her future clients.

PS – liked Logan’s branding strategist photos in New Orleans? Check out another branding session here!

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