New Orleans Tree of Life Elopement

The Tree of Life in New Orleans Audubon Park is a lush location for an elopement! Located next to the giraffes (yes, the zoo is also in the park!), the tree is one of the oldest in the South and creates an oak tree canopy ideal for marrying under.

When Jessica + Jason first began dating, their first romantic getaway was to – you guessed it – New Orleans! Later, when Jason proposed, he did so under a large oak tree. That made the Tree of Life the perfect ceremony spot for these two to pledge their lives to one another.

Along with their closest family members, they drove an RV down to New Orleans (which really tickled me, scroll to the bottom to see photographic proof!).

Jessica + Jason hired the all-inclusive elopement company I co-founded, Pop of Love, to handle all the details.

I’ll let Jason take it from here:

Pop of Love are an absolute dream to work with. Coming from out of state, we were looking for someone that could provide us a complete wedding were all we had to do was show up. Not only did Pop of Love make it incredibly simple, they also made it as stress free as a wedding can be.

From the beginning of planning, Pop of Love had it all covered. We wanted a wedding that would be the least amount of work but also looked and felt special. We gave them some basic ideas and they went from there. They provided us with an absolute perfect ceremony. Photography, officiant, flowers, seating, decoration, champagne, all absolutely fabulous – especially the flowers, they have now been dried and still look great!

Since we went with something nice and simple, we didn’t spend much time at all talking with Logan and Sarah before the wedding, which was both amazing, since I hate talking on the phone, and a little sad, because they are such a joy to work with.

If you are looking for someone provide you a professional, easy and memorable wedding, I can’t see how you can go wrong with Pop of Love.

Logan from Pop of Love served champagne to the guests moments after the first kiss!

PS – enjoyed this Tree of Life elopement at New Orleans Audubon Park?! Check out an elopement in our city’s other wonderful park – Nicolette + Eric in City Park!

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