New Orleans Race & Religious Winter Wedding

John + McKenzie had the most meaningful winter wedding at Race + Religious in New Orleans! John + McKenzie both have incredible stories and it is very obvious that they are true soulmates. McKenzie is very intelligent and detail oriented, John extremely kind and relaxed. Together they make such a great team and I can’t wait to see what adventures await them. The entire wedding day was an absolute dream – instead of bombarding you with details here I’ll comment throughout the post. Enjoy!

McKenzie has two engagement rings – the “original”, to the right, was bought in Jerusalem.

How New Orleans is this?! I swoon!

So excited to get married!
Loved seeing McKenzie’s mom Margie see her in her dress for the first time!


I could have shot at Race + Religious for dayyysssss! So many beautiful places for photographs!
(For instance: this is in a bathroom. A BATHROOM!)

Petals + Stems did the beautiful florals!

Could they get any cuter?!

Pure joy.

McKenzie + Jamie have been best friends since second grade!!
McKenzie is still very close with her girlfriends from high school, and they were ALL there to support her! Here they wrote how they first met McKenzie on chalkboards! So cute!
Love these tender moments! After McKenzie read her letter from John she said, “I am marrying the SWEETEST man!”

Love this so much! “You are my greatest adventure!”

The Occasional Wife handled all the planning and coordination.

John + McKenzie’s favors were bags to hand out to needy people we so often see on the streets here in New Orleans. The bags held socks, snacks, bottled water, etc. 

The sweetest.

Time to dance!

Brass bands are my favorite part of New Orleans weddings, TBC Brass Bands is no exception!

Beaucoup Boogie kept everyone dancing all night long!

Brack May, Cowbell handled all the delicious food.

We were also serenaded by these two!
LOVE lanterns! Unfortunately a bit of rain caused this to be a bit more laughter-filled than expected!
The photobooth!


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