The amount of photographs you receive from
your wedding day (about 100 an hour!).

The amount of weddings I've photographed!
Nearly 200 have been in New Orleans, but I've also photographed weddings in Los Angeles, Charleston, Savannah, Chattanooga, Nashville, and even one in France!

Amount of weeks before you receive your wedding photos! I've been able to hone my wedding process to get you your galleries in half the average time.

The most weddings I take per year.

The average investment a couples makes in my services.

Planning a wedding comes with many choices, and choosing a photographer is often one of the most important. I know my photographs will be one of the only things you take with you from the day after all of this planning is over and it's time for the really good stuff - your marriage! I'm not just there to click my shutter - I also adjust dresses, dry off bouquets, pin boutonnieres, bribe flower girls, stand up for you if things get a bit too intense, and I almost always cry during the father/daughter dance.

I'm honored that you're even considering me to photograph your day, and I want to equip you with all the knowledge you need to make your decision. My goal is to make sure that we are a good fit before moving forward!

I feel so grateful that so many wonderful couples have hired me to photograph their wedding.
Here's what some of them had to say about the process!

I'm often asked to describe my photography style. I'm proud that my photos are full of emotion and genuine feeling, but they are also classic and clean. I don't edit in a trendy way because I want these photos to look beautiful for the entirety of your marriage (forever!). I've honed my photography and editing style over a decade of work (yes, I shot my first wedding at 18!). The best and worst thing about me is my curiosity - it's my #1 strength every time I take a strengths finder test, it's the reason I've had so many amazing opportunities, and it also drives my friends a little crazy! When I show up at your wedding, we've already spoken several times so I know quite a bit about you, your family, and the events of the day. But I'm still curious, still watching, always observing (with a camera - or two! - in hand). I'm thrilled that so many of my clients note that they didn't even notice me for most of the day, but was always there to step in when needed. That's a delicate balance and I hope I always strike it!

Pictured with my assistant, Ginger

My favorite place to visit on my off season, White Sands

I was astounded by her ability to disappear! I did not hear a single shutter click during the whole ceremony, yet the photos in the chapel are absolutely stunning. Chris and I and our families were blown away with Sarah and her gorgeous photos! Throughout the whole process she was on point with what needed to happen and when. She is extremely professional and accommodating, it was a true joy to have her be part of our weekend. Can’t wait to share these photos, and the emotions they captured, with future generations to come!
Madeline + Chris

Sarah was an absolutely fantastic photographer. We are THRILLED with her photos of our wedding. She is also a total sweetheart, very warm and responsive but also very professional. She was very easy to work with, a delight when setting up shots and giving directions, and very responsive about her timeline to deliver photos after the date. I couldn't recommend her any more highly. She is simply an amazing person, and amazing at what she does. We have beautiful photos of the best day of our lives that will live on forever, thanks to her!
Mary + Todd

Sarah is the absolute best! She is a dream to work with and made our wedding day so much more fun. I was anxious and sick the day of our wedding and she was calm and collected and so understanding and kind. Having her there was a HUGE blessing and I wouldn’t have it any other way. We were stunned when we saw the photos, they are beautiful, I don’t know how she managed to capture everything that she did. I was equally impressed that she was able to get as many photos as she did without me ever feeling overwhelmed or without privacy. I could not have asked for a better photographer, there isn’t one. 
Emily + David

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Choosing Sarah to be our photographer was one of the best choices we made. Sarah is so personable, and organized, always prompt and takes amazing photos. Her sense of schedule is impeccable and I was so appreciative that she was always aware of time and kept the day running smoothly. It definitely reduced the stress level of the day! The day flew by so quickly, and it was so much fun to see the photos and remember different moments from the day. She seemed to be everywhere all at once on our wedding day and really captured the emotions and atmosphere of the whole day. Sarah has a great eye for natural light and it resulted in extremely beautiful photos. We could not be happier for how all the photos came out and would highly recommend her.
Brenda + Chris

Why Sarah?

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Who Books Me?

Couples who want timeless edits, not trendy edits.

Couples who are interested in receiving their wedding photos back in 2 weeks, not 2 months.

Couples who need to trust their photographer to be exceptionally organized (I always have a list - at least one!) and ready to keep the energy up the entire day.

Couples who need their photographer to take control at times (like family portraits) but also "disappear" and document moments simply as they unfold most of the day.

Couples who need someone experienced in handling sensitive family issues with diplomacy and kindness.

Couples who are so excited to celebrate their wedding, but are even more excited about their marriage.

Couples looking for a combination of experience (I celebrated ten years of being a wedding photographer in 2019!) and a fresh eye (my insatiable curiosity at times a trying trait, but it really comes in handy on wedding days!)