Todd + Mary | Beauregard-Keyes House


Mary + Todd have a very close bond. They are truly best friends and have lived enough of life without each other to know that what they have is once-in-a-lifetime, and they treat each other accordingly. I don’t know how it started, but Mary and I became email buddies over her engagement and I would find myself emailing her two or three times a week (and sometimes, two or three times a day!). By the time I met her the week of her wedding, I felt like we were close friends and that made the experience of photographing her wedding even more beautiful. Mary + Todd, you are so warm, generous, and kind – and I know your life together will be absolutely incredible. So thankful to have been a part of your wedding day!!



Invitations: Lindsay Ward | Venue: Beauregard-Keyes House | Caterer: Joel’s | Second Line Band: Smitty Dee’s Brass Band | DJ: Jack Magic | Hair + Make-up: Kiss and Makeup | Florist: Erin Steen | Dress: Oleg Cassini | Planner: Weddings by Lulu | Photobooth: Spoofs Photobooth

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  1. Stacia

    November 17th, 2014 at 3:54 pm

    Her dress and this whole wedding is so lovely!

  2. Kidlit · Wedding and Thank Yous!

    November 24th, 2014 at 6:00 am

    […] Todd is a very talented chef, and in 2013, we moved back to his hometown of Minneapolis to buy a house, start a family, and open a restaurant. We bought our own slice of south Minneapolis in July, and are still working on the other two. We got married October 11th, 2014 down in New Orleans, one of our very favorite cities in the entire world. The whole thing was such a blast, and I’m very excited that the excellent photographer Sarah Becker Lillard was able to capture our day. You can see her blog post with some favorite shots here. […]

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