Kris + Brenda | French Quarter Wedding

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Brenda is one of the sweetest people I have EVER met! She was so concerned about not being a bridezilla throughout the whole process, and cared so much about her family and her guests experience at their celebration! I was so glad I had the chance to meet her + Kris for their engagement session months ago and I counted down the days for their wedding! I love the French Quarter, but as a photographer it can be a little stressful – traffic, parking, tons of people, etc! Brenda + Kris chose to have the whole wedding at the Royal Sonesta (getting ready, the ceremony, the reception, etc!) and it took so much stress out of the day for all the guests and vendors! It was such a relaxed day and the reception was SO fun – people stayed on the dance floor all night and I had some of the best wedding food I’ve ever had!

That next week I received this email from Brenda:

“You rock!!!!   I am so happy we were able to have you as our photographer!  You minimized any stress I might have had.  It was great to have your bubbly personality there during the preparation.  You were positive and happy, super friendly and sweet, never in the way but still there to capture moments as they happened, and you made decisions and organized the troops when nothing else seemed organized!  You made my morning.  Not only did you get there earlier than expected, but you knew exactly what you were doing and just did your thing without needing to bother anyone.  It was perfect!
When I saw Kris during our first look I felt such a wave of relief, because he is my rock and I knew that all those small stressful things in the morning didn’t really matter.  I can’t imagine not having done a first look because after that I felt all my anxiety drain away and I was completely on cloud 9.  Even when things didn’t go as planned like our first dance and how our dip was on the wrong side, or how I was beyond awkward when people were expecting a speech or we were cutting the cake, or how Kris and I didn’t know how to exit the ceremony.  All those imperfections are now great memories 🙂
The whole evening only felt like it last 15 minutes and I am so glad that you were there to capture it.  Every time I turned around I saw you with your camera and I just celebrated!”
It feels a little like humble bragging (or maybe just bragging?!) sharing that but NOTHING makes me happier than happy clients (especially when they’re so happy even without seeing any photos quite yet! HA!) and for me, putting brides and grooms at ease and making their wedding the absolute BEST it can be is what my job is ALL about (that, and taking a few photos here and there!). Brenda + Kris, I am so glad you were able to just CELEBRATE on your wedding day and I wish you both a lifetime of celebration!!

Invitations: Minted | Venue + Caterer: Royal Sonesta, New Orleans | Dress: Martina Liana | Hair + Make-Up: Verde Beauty Studio | Ceremony Music: The Courtyard Kings | Second Line Band: Algiers Brass Band | DJ: Impulse Entertainment | Florist: Bee’s Wedding and Event Design | Day of Coordinator: Wyeth Furlong

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  1. Their first look is so sweet! Great job capturing these, Sarah! xoxo

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