Savannah + William | engaged

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Savannah + William met on a blind date. Set up by our mutual wonderful friend Amy, I was pretty smitten by the coupling from the start. Luke + I had already moved to New Orleans while Savannah  + William were in Chattanooga, so all I had were quick visits and phone calls to ascertain how this relationship was going! Savannah has been a dear friend to me since the beginning of college. When I got some scary news the beginning of my sophomore year, Savannah (and her roommate, my friend Amanda) was my first stop to spill the news, cry, and receive encouragement. We goofed off together, cried together, and lived our lives together. I knew that whoever Savannah ended up with would be extremely special.
I was so blessed to have Savannah stand next to me as Luke + I married two years ago, and I am so thrilled for her + William. They are going to – they already – make a wonderful team and I know they will strive to love each other well for the rest of their lives! This spring they came down to visit us and I so cherish the time we were able to have with Savannah, but also with William as we were really meeting him for the first time! I couldn’t be more impressed. Amy, you really outdid yourself this time! So much love to you two!
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