Chris + Madeline | Sacred Heart & The Orleans Club


Chris + Madeline’s wedding was a dream for me. I love historic buildings, heirlooms passed down from one generation to the next, New Orleans traditions such as the second line and the cake pull, tight-knit families, and it’s true that I love love – so to have all of that come together for Chris + Madeline’s wedding was an incredible experience as a photographer!

Madeline’s parents (and her aunt and uncle!) were married in the Sacred Heart chapel as well, and I had such a wonderful time looking through all of their wedding photos when we first met! Madeline attended Sacred Heart as did her cousins, mother, aunts, and grandmother (when it was a boarding school!). Every detail of this wedding was meaningful. The invitations showcased a watercolor done by Madeline’s grandmother Nancy specifically for the occasion. Madeline’s mom, Gigi, created her headpiece using lace from her own wedding dress. Madeline’s other grandmother made Madeline’s garter as well as the ring bearer pillow! Madeline’s necklace was given to her great-grandmother by her great-grandfather when her grandfather was born – it is at least 82 years old! Her earrings, too, held special significance – they were her mom’s first big present from her dad after they married, and were passed down to Madeline the morning of her wedding.

After lots of giggles getting ready at Madeline’s home, we headed to Sacred Heart for the ceremony. It was so beautiful! Honestly this is one of my favorite chapels in the city and I’m so excited to be photographing there a bit more this year. The reception was held at the Orleans Club, a beautiful historic home on St. Charles you would never guess is a reception hall! It was, ironically, originally built as a wedding gift from father to daughter in the mid-1800s. The cake was made by Madeline’s aunt and the cake topper was from Chris’ parents’ wedding cake! They toasted with the goblets used by Chris’ parents, as well as a toasting goblet used by Madeline’s parents and grandparents! The dance floor was NEVER empty and kept me on my toes the entire night! Everyone had a blast and it was such an honor to be there and to witness Chris + Madeline beginning their life together in a place that already held so much of their history.



Invitations: Betty Hunley Designs, magnolia painting by Madeline’s grandmother Nancy Baay | Ceremony: Academy of the Sacred Heart | Reception: The Orleans Club | Band: Boogie Men | Hair + Make-Up: Erica Laitinen | Dress: Pearl’s Place | Florist: Mead Wenzel | Day of Coordinator: Occasional Wife | Caterer: Orleans Club | Cake: Nikki Mills + Eliza Abeleda

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