Sam + Sally | Lookout Mountain


I LOVE Lookout Mountain weddings! When I first started photographing weddings, Lookout Mountain was a place I regularly found myself on Saturdays. It is like another world up there – the beautiful historic homes, the sweeping views, the clean and cool air. I don’t travel to Tennessee for weddings much anymore (usually just for friends), but when Sally contacted me about shooting her wedding I absolutely couldn’t refuse! Sally, her mother, and her sisters are all so close and were so ridiculously sweet to me throughout the weekend! Our day began at the house Sally grew up in – full of girls, girls, girls (and a few very brave godfathers!). Sally was so calm throughout the day although obviously very excited to marry Sam! The weather report looked ominous during the week but we couldn’t have asked for better weather – it cleared up just in time for a gorgeous sunny day! One of Sally’s bridesmaids, Brooke, exclaimed that it was the work of Sally’s father, Paul, who passed away years ago – I can’t deny he was watching over Sally + Sam last weekend! Their ceremony took place at one of my absolute favorite churches in the Chattanooga area, and the indoor/outdoor reception on the mountain as the sun set was what dreams are made of. And the band – well, you can tell how much fun everyone had by the photos below!

Sam + Sally, thank you so very much for inviting me to photograph your day. It was such an honor and I know you will have a wonderful life together!

Ceremony: Church of the Good Shepherd | Reception: Lookout Mountain Golf & Country Club | Music: Atlanta Rhythm + Groove

Florist: Emmy Avery | Dress: Modern Trousseau | Special thanks to my amazing second shooter, Sara Kristen

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