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Y’all, I am still on top of the world from this Orange Grove styled shoot being featured on Southern Weddings yesterday! This has been my absolute favorite wedding blog for years, and as my brides know I give each of them a copy of their magazine! Their commitment to marriage, meaningful celebrations, and all things Southern fires me up! This shoot is one of my absolute favorites, so it means even more to me that it found a home at Southern Weddings.
Brooke Casey of Southern Charm Weddings is a GEM and perfectly brings together her creative side and her organized side. That’s EXACTLY what you want in a planner! She pulled together some amazingly unique ideas and they were executed with perfection! So many thanks to her and the rest of our team: beautiful Lulakate dress from Wedding Belles, cake from Sweet Life, absolutely delightful florals from Poppy + Mint, paper suite and calligraphy by Fine Print Calligraphy, table/whiskey barrel/sugar mold/and more from Mrs. Vintage, chairs and plates from Event Rental, tux from John’s Tuxedos, Chelsea Nicole on hair and make-up, and our models James + Kat (and our doggy models Jake + Levi!)! Also HUGE thanks to the Saxon Becnel Orange Groves who let us play in their fields all day long!
Crazily enough, we shot this just two weeks ago! I finished it up and sent it off to Southern Weddings in a hurry before I left for the Making Things Happen conference in Chapel Hill, NC. It has made my week – honestly probably my whole month! – that they loved it as much as we did!
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