Blake + Elizabeth | anniversary

Blake + Elizabeth not only love each other, but love loving on others. They have been such good friends to me & Luke and are helping us immensely with our wedding planning! (It might have something to do with the fact that we’re getting married in the exact same field they did – ha!) Blake + Elizabeth met in college at Belmont, and after being friends for a couple years realized THEY WERE MEANT TO BE TOGETHER FOREVER. Well, there may have been a bit more in between the “friends” stage and “MARRIED” stage, but you really can’t be around Blake + Elizabeth and not know they really are perfect for each other.
I met Blake + Elizabeth to shoot some images for them (Elizabeth said it was her Valentine’s Day present – good idea for you husbands out there!), documenting where they are in life right now. We met at Blake’s parents house that has a beautiful property, beautiful view, and was fortunately doused in some beautiful light! I love what we came up with, and I hope you do too.

So dreamy!

I gave Blake + Elizabeth an “assignment” to write the three things they love about each other the most – love these!

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